Good Luck!

This high quality Giclee print was reproduced from the original acrylic painting by artist Georgia Cawley.

The work was inspired by the goal of all ethical German Shepherd breeders to combine good breeding with good training, and a little good luck!

This is a very limited edition of 150 signed and numbered prints.

Fine art Giclee printing done through careful collaboration between the artist and Paul Lane of Photo Source, correctly capturing the essence of the original art.

My media is paint, pencil, and clay! My subjects are people and animals.

Because animals, especially dogs, have played large in my life, it was only natural that they often became my subjects. It is my intent to create art that reflects the character, conformation, and historical purposes of dogs.

My artwork is not limited to canine. All animals make terrific subjects! I welcome the chance to work with fanciers as I expand my animal portfolio. I want my art to reflect the true aspects of each creature and the best references are the people who own and live with them.

Illustration Gallery
As an Illustrator, my canine art has been used on magazine covers, in dog books, and as national dog club logos. My clay illustrations are used in many children ?s publications, secular and religious. My clay art has also been used for casting custom designed plaques and medallions.

Portraits & Commission
When I am commissioned to create a portrait, I take great care in learning as much as I can about my subject. The portraits can be especially poignant because they are of a specific character, human and/or animal. The poses can be formal or not! (I have to admit, I love the “not”!) I work from photographs provided by the client or, if possible, those photos I take myself.

Limited Edition Prints, Etc.
I choose some of my art to be printed as limited edition prints and on selected products, making it available and affordable for more people to enjoy. (I offer Club discounts for trophy and awards purchases.)

A little about Georgia
One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting around our long kitchen table with my brothers and sisters, drawing and coloring for hours on large sheets of paper my mom laid out for us. Since I loved animals, they were always my subjects. I knew early on I wanted to be an artist. I also knew animals would always be major players in my life. I was blessed to have supportive parents, even when I brought snakes home.

I graduated with a BAF from the University of Illinois. I was an art teacher for seven years. I have been fortunate to work from my home studio ever since having a family. My two lovely daughters, Marika and Sarah, are now attending college but living at home with Joe and I in a happy, somewhat crazy household full of German shepherds and one turtle named Elliot.

My studio is a converted barn loft. It’s a wonderful place to work. From my windows I can view woodland and prairie. Preserving and restoring these small pockets of natural habitat for critters and wild flowers is a shared passion and constant “work in progress” for Joe and I.

Dando and Georgia